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Deixa assim como está, sereno.
Pois é de Deus tudo aquilo que não se pode ver.
Ao amanhã não cabe a gente dizer nada, nem mesmo a esse coração que teima em bater.

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Go and find you a love
And live out all of your fears.

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Acredite, no meio dos escombros do sofrimento há um tesouro. Mais valioso que o proprio ouro.
- Life to Live 

September 2, premiere our Music Video, we cant wait to show you that.

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“Many of you are empty inside. You have a big hole that you are trying to fill with many things”

“But what you really need is Jesus. How can you know Jesus? Not by trying to make yourself better. There was a priest who went to Jesus, who went to the church every day and who tried to be good, but Jesus told him that wasn’t good enough. He needed a new heart. He told this priest that he had to be ‘born again’.

“There’s only one thing that can separate you from God’s love. And it’s not the bad things that you have done. God can forgive you for any terrible thing you have done, because when he died for us, he took our guilt upon himself. Jesus said that we must become like little children. We must humble ourselves if we want to see God. Pride is the only thing separating us from this loving Father.” - David Pierce.

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Une immense espérance a traversée la terre
Une immense espérance a traversée ma peur

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And there will come a time, you’ll see, with no more tears.

And love will not break your heart, but dismiss your fears.

But I won’t rot, I won’t rot

Not this mind and not this heart,

I won’t rot.

What we lived for.